Here is a collection of  my own side projects. Some of these can be purchased on
Empire State Building Project
From November 2015 through September 2017, I would walk to the same spot and take a picture of this iconic building after work. In total, there are 347 pictures which I sticthed together and adjusted to make this clip. You can kind of see the seasons change and daylight savings come and go as most of the pictures were generally taken around the same time, 6ish.
Divided America
This was done for an Editorial Design class at SVA's Continuing Education program.
Good Times Flowchart
Inspired by the Good Times show theme song. Just felt like we could use one of these. Some may say "Hangin' in and a jiving" should be "Hangin' in a chowline" but after a quick Google search and listening to the song numerous times, I've concluded that it is the former.
May You Be Blessed With Many Likes Poster
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